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Author: Kate Haggerty

Missing Teen: Aubrie Spencer Age 15

Aubrie Spencer, 15, went missing from her mother’s home in Glens Falls on September 13th, 2023. Aubrie is 5-foot 3-inches tall with brown hair, multiple nose piercings, and a birthmark on her neck. 

It is believed that she is with a 14 year old boy who is 5-foot 5-inches tall with bright red hair.

The family has posted fliers throughout Glens Falls and on some social media sites. Aubrie is familiar with the Capital Region, and could be anywhere between Glens Falls and Albany. 

She left her mother’s house through a window at about 11:20 PM on September 13th. The family is worried about the state of her mental health and ask people not to approach her, but to instead call Aubrie’s mother, Jennifer Donnelly at (518) 832-3374, or Brian Blachut at (518) 742-6891, or The Glens Falls Police Department at (518) 761-3840 .

Five Towers Media Adds Local Talent: Katherine Kressner

Five Towers Media “Where Quality Meets Creativity”,  the parent company to Glens Falls Today, has added Katherine Kressner to the team as Junior Creative Director! This will add depth to a growing and impressive creative team at Five Towers Media, which includes Kelsey Sherman as Creative Director, and Rosetta Anninio as Junior Creative Director. 

Katherine hails from Gansevoort, NY, and graduated from SUNY Cortland in 2023, with a Bachelor’s of Art in Graphic Design & Digital Media. Katherine is ready to use her great creative passion to help lead clients to success, and is expected to have an immediate impact as she begins this new chapter at Five Towers Media. 

Katherine embraces teamwork, and is looking forward to working in an open and supportive work environment. Her goal is to encourage and support her colleagues, and to help provide the best product for the Five Towers Media clients. 

In her free time, Katherine is an Indoor Cycling Instructor at the Saratoga YMCA. Katherine thrives when leading a class and finds that bringing high energy to a room is extremely rewarding. Katherine, through her work at the YMCA, enjoys helping to build a community of cycling enthusiast and gives her an opportunity to share her passion for cycling.

Katherine’s love of cycling and being a part of a creative team are two of the things that inspire her day in and day out. Katherine will use her positive energy and creative drive to help both Five Towers Media and your company succeed!

If you are looking for someone like Katherine to help get your company off the ground and thriving, go to https://fivetowers.us.

Weekend of Water Discoloration Vexes Glens Falls Residents

Image posted to Facebook by Mike Metzger

Glens Falls Water and Sewer Department received reports on Saturday September 16th, 2023, that tap water in homes was discolored… This issue was not related to the water main break found in downtown Glens Falls on Friday. The Glens Falls Water and Sewer Department stated via press release that the discoloration presents no threat to public health, and the water remains potable and safe to drink. 

Local resident Mike Metzger posted on Facebook about the rust-colored water and his disappointment with the communication from the City of Glens Falls regarding the issue: “Water in Glens Falls was rust-colored brown today, many still reported brown water. Yet, no official word from city government or local media other than what seems to be an unrelated story about a water main break,” his post read. 

Other Glens Falls residents posted on Nextdoor, an app that connects people in local neighborhoods. Crystal Howell posed the question “Anyone else in GF have brown water?” This post had eight replies, including one from Cathy Corrigan stating: “My water is dark brown and I ran all of my faucets for almost 2 hours!! The city is no help! Called Water Dept emergency number and I got an answering service!! All my water is dark brown.”

The Glens Falls Water and Sewer Department stated via press release that the issue was created by spikes in the freshwater distribution system, resulting in release of particles for the interior of the drinking water pipes. While there is no threat to human health, the mineral particles discolor the water. 

Residents who see discoloration in their water should run multiple faucets for approximately 10 minutes, or until the discoloration clears. Residents who continue to have problems with water discoloration should call the Water & Sewer Hotline at (518) 761-3857.

Balloon Fest Takes Flight This Week!

Can you Imagine lifting off the ground in the gondola basket of a hot air balloon? This is the exact spectacle that over 150,000 visitors will come to our area will see this week. Locals and visitors alike can witness the beauty of hot air balloons against the blue of the Adirondack sky…

The 50th Adirondack Balloon Festival is only days awa,y and you can feel the excitement building! This event is expected to host more than 70 balloons, drawing pilots from throughout the world, including Saga, Japan, and Gatineau, Québec. This year’s fest will begin on Wednesday, September 20th, and go through Sunday, September 24th. The launches will be at Floyd Bennett Memorial Airport, Hiland Country Club, and Crandall Park.

Fifty years ago the question was posed: “What kind of event would bring visitors to the region after Labor day?” This question was answered by John Marsden – a balloonist from Manchester, Vermont – and Walter Grishkot, who dabbled in all things Glens Falls… And the rest is history!

In 1973, this event was originally held at Adirondack Community College (SUNY Adirondack), and has grown from there. It began with 19 balloons launched during a two-day event. This event has created local lore and captured the imagination. During the 1973 launch, one balloonist landed in Argyle, a dry town, and presented the property owner with a bottle of champagne, which is the traditional gift of appreciation for being allowed to land. Kindness prevailed (a favorite saying of Gishkot), and the Argyle police allowed the balloonist to dispense the champagne.

The Adirondack Balloon Fest which is organized by volunteers has an indelible economic impact on the area. The Adirondack Festival Board has booked 400 to 500 rooms in 12 different hotels to accommodate special guests. Mark Donahue, the Balloon Festival Board President, estimates that this event brings the area five to ten-million dollars annually, as those who arrive for the event take advantage of local hotels and businesses. 

The Festival runs on roughly a $200,000 budget. About $50,000 of the festival’s funding comes from Warren County Occupancy Tax Revenue. Businesses and individuals can sponsor balloons, and online donations can be made at www.adirondackballoonfest.org.

A major goal of the festival is to remain non-commercial and free. The festival benefits local non-profit groups, including Rotary, World Awareness Children’s Museum, and The Open Door Mission. It has raised nearly one-million dollars for these organizations over the last 49 years.

Warren County & Washington County Real Estate Transactions August 25th -September 1st


Joan B. Lapham sold property at Fish Point Road to Yvette Beeman for $75,000

John Battaglia sold property at Wright’s Farm Road to Paul F. & Heather L. Connally for $70,000


DG North Creek LLC sold property at 3254 State Route 28 to JOhn S. Foggy Revocable Trust Nov. 22, 2011 for $1,812,138


D’Cre Communications Services sold property at 5381 State Route 8 To Loon Lake Properties, LLC for $510,000

Adirondack Woods LLC sold property 64 Carriage Knolls Road to Jeffery W.& Jessica M. Monroe tor $41,250 

Harvest Hill Properties, LLC sold property at Friends Lake Road to 320 Main, LLC for $42,000

Glens Falls 

Dix Avenue Retail Center LLC. sold property at 222 Dix Ave to 222 Dix Ave LLC for $620,000

Beth Amy Robetson sold property at 54 Prospect St. to Edward L. Hermance for $100,000

David H. & Susan M. Atkinson sold Property at 303 Ridge Street to C&L Albright Properties LLC for $215,000

Devan & Kelsey Godfrey sold property at 28 W. Notre Dame St. to Charlotte Hickcox for $267,000

Alan M. & Susan D. Perkins sold property at6 Jackson Ave for $150,000

Robert A. Lee, referee sold property at 21 Arlington Street to Caldash LLC for $52,000

Cheryl L. Frasier sold property at 37 N. Pearl Street to David P. Harder for $60,000


Theresa & Michael Dinius sold property at Pease Hill Rd. to Patrick & Kristina Carras for $65,000

Gregory & Rebecca Kern sold property at 6654 Route 8 to John  Manning & Cynthia Coletti Manning for $341,000

James M. Robilard sold property at 1 Red Wing Road to Daniel M. & Mary Katherine Doherty for $284,900

Kathleen E. Jones & James E. Marshall sold property at 12 Shaw Hill Road to Rose A. Dean for $84,000

Lake George

Colleen & David Ross sold property at 3210 Lakeshore Drive (1/10 interest, Lodge 13, Lodges at Cresthaven One) to Voljac, Inc for $60,000

Nicholas Visco & Robert S. Cacossa sold property at 104 Schyler Street to Teresa Piezzi for $225,000

Gianni & Anna Maria Scipioni sold property at 3210 Lakeshore Drive (2/10 interest Lodge 26, Lodges at Cresthaven Two) to Voljac,Inc for $42,000

Estate of Betty M. Ovitt sold property at 9E Schroon River Road to Scott Ovitt Jr. for $45,000


Curtis J. & Robin L. Harrington sold property on Wolf Road to Monsour Enterprises, LLC for $117,500

Margit Lawence & Imre Toblas sold property at 151 Aviation Road to James & Anne Anthisfor $135,000

Lake Goerge 

Estate of Lena Gagne sold property at 2113 Route 9n to Debra Ann Abbatatantuano for $100,000


Wesley & Gloria Buley sold property on Mud Street to James & Michelle Prybylski for $16,000

Kathleen Mosher Hill Sold property at River Road to Lesley Roha for $25,625

Stony Creek

Michael & Benjamin Black sold property at 10 Fish Camp Drive to Wayne J. D’Avanzo for $172,000

Jonas M. Haws sold property at 620 Warrensburg Road to Michael Charlton Towe & Carmen Beige Berryman  for $360,000

Washington County


Jeffery C. & Constance L. Miller sold property at 538 Pleasant Valley Road to Marybeth Chaet for $340,000

Mark J. Oliviere, Sr., as Trustee of the Carmen A. Oliviere & Gail E. Oliviere Family Trust sold property at 1714 Lake Way to Thomas P. & Barbara J. Mahar for $400,000

Dennis C. & Joyce C. Claypool sold property at Cossayuna Lake to Richard & Linda Lam for $375,000

Mary Ellen McDougall sold property at 228 COunty Route 47 to Leroy J.  & Virginia M. McDougall for $30,000


Alexina B. & Thomas M. JOnes sold property at 118 W. Main Street to John J. Cervini & Debra A. Cervini for $410,000

Todd King sold property at 58 West Main Street to Christopher Badaloni for $80,000

John T. Pye sold Property at Gillis Road to Modern Asset Management, Inc. for $13,441.09

Zeke Jon Gigilio sold property at 7 Gilmore Ave to Ann Matrazzo for $255,000 

Fort Ann 

Martin & Nancy McDougall sold property at 228 County Route 47 to Leroy J. & Virginia M. McDougall for $30,000

Martin & Nancy Burdick sold property at 5447 Firehouse Way to Craig R. Maynard for $100,000

Fort Edward

R2M Holdings,LLC sold property at 322 Broadway to James Healy for $185,000

Chase D. Hutchins & Mary T. Hutchins fka Brouthers sold property at 9-11 Cooper Street to Chase D. Hutchins for $202,000


Robert F. Provencher as Trustee of the Robert F. Provencher Living Trust sold property at 1022 West Way to Edwin M. & Gail A. Dennison & Daniel & Christina Camara for $70,000


Amy Lane fka Amy Diane McFarlane sold property at 5682 County Route 30 to Cody Brean for $160,000


David Joseph Rynkowski Esq., Ref: Debra A Flint sold property at 37 East Main Street to John C. & Alexandria S. McGuire for $24,001  


Malcolm O’Hare, Esq. Ref., : Erica L. Lamb sold property at 60 Van Ness Avenue to Wells Fargo Bank NA for $103,579.45 

Robert G. Kubiak sold property at 175 Academy St. to Rory Robertson for $159,000

Anthony Habura as Admin. Of Estate of Michael S. Popowsky sold property at Lot 4 Ravens Way to EMCAM, LLC for $63,000


Dwight C. McGee, Jr. as Trustee of the Louis M. Walrath Irrevocable Trust sold property at 122 Colfax Road to Liam Lattrell for $324,750


Stephen E. Manly, Donna Jo Sheeran fka Riley, Jo E. Marley sold property at 153 Dubes Road to Brandon L. Winchell & Makayla L. Byrne for $360,000

Glenn S. & Alice M. Miller sold property at 0 Geer Road to Julianna Motto & Steven Kadner for $175,000


David V. Williams, John S. Williams & Ellen L. Fitch sold property at 450 Gulf Bay Road to David V. Williams & Ellen L. Fish for $70,000


Valerie Batchelder as Exec. of Estate of Cecile M. Thompson sold property at 5582 NY 22 to Joshua L. Rogers for $400,000

Donna Lyons sold property at 11 School House Road to Brandon M Hadfield for $280,000

Laurel S. Burgess & Emagene Castro as co-Trustees of David Stevens Burgess Third party Supplemental Needs Trust sold property at 78 West Broadway to Beverly J. Schwabe as Trustee of the Beverly J. Schwabe Living Trust for $20,000

John Gunther & Rose O’Donnell sold property at 75 Railroad Ave to Sarah E. Campbell & John Sherry for $131,000

White Creek 

Randall M. Courcelle sold property at Battenkill RR E/S to Billy J. Rogers for $1,500 


Timothy A. Ward sold property at 262 Death Rock Way to William Banko for $3,000

ARCC Veterans Business Network – 2023 Walk for Veteran Suicide Awareness & Prevention

On Wednesday, September 13th, 2023, at City Park, community members gathered to participate in the 2023 Walk for Veteran Suicide Awareness & Prevention. The morning had been soaked with rain, but as the day progressed, blue sky prevailed. Participants gathered near the gazebo in City Park, which was lined with veteran resource booths. 

HicksStrong Inc. had a booth where Michael Hick explained why he was there, “We started HicksStrong after we lost our son… He was active duty Navy when he died by suicide on February 11th, 2019. After that, we realized how difficult it was for active duty military to get help… It’s just tragic, and we needed to turn our pain into a purpose. We connect active duty, and veterans, and military families with therapists via telehealth, and we cover up to eight sessions. After that, they can shift to self-pay at a discounted rate,” he said. 

The event was MC’d by ARCC President Tricia Rogers, who welcomed everyone to the third annual walk: “The members of this group have worked tirelessly to not only build this event, I know that many of you were here last year, look at the size of this event from last year, the vendors our resource booths have doubled. Their hard work is evident,” she said.

Tricia introduced Sean Dion, the chair of the veterans business network and one of the founding members. He thanked the crowd for taking time out of their busy day and highlighting the growth of the event to featuring 20 booths, and also thanked the sponsors. 

The rendering of the National Anthem was a show stopper by Charles Martin of USI Insurance. His deep voice resonated through the park with a reverence that was felt throughout the crowd. 

This event was attended by local leaders Senator Dan Stec, Senator Jake Ashby and Assemblyman Matt Simpson. Senator Dan Stec said: “A lot of veterans through their service suffer a lot of mental health challenges and certainly depression challenges… We have a preventable but very real crisis when it comes to veterans committing suicide.”

Jake Ashby also spoke to the crowd: “Just a tremendous effort here… You see people continuing to live in isolation, and what a demonstration here in opposition to that… Your presence in someone’s life face to face is so meaningful and so impactful when they need you… It goes a long way. Just being present when someone is struggling, being there for them and trying to help them, you won’t forget that and they won’t forget that either,” he said. 

The Keynote Address prior to the walk was given by Gold Star Mother, Cindy Roberts: “Our daughter, Sgt. Kristie Roberts, is one of the ’22-a-Day’ as the military calls them, who died by suicide… A life after the loss of a child, how can we get through each day? Every day is a struggle, everyday is a challenge, but I embrace all of you… Because of you, we have the strength to go on, to share these walks and try to educate folk to continue this… Helping each other, let’s try to erase that stigma of asking for help as a sign of weakness. With every step you take today and everyday, know that if you are not ok, that’s ok. It’s ok to ask those uncomfortable questions, and please educate yourself on where to turn for help. You matter. You all matter. And you are not alone.”

The Glens Falls Senior Center Expo

On Wednesday, September 13th, The Glens Falls Senior Center Expo took place at the Queensbury Hotel. The banquet room at the Queensbury Hotel was comfortably crowded with tables and event attendees…  Each table had a distinct offering of services available to the senior community and their families.

The Senior Center Expo created an opportunity for seniors and their families to learn about the services that are available throughout the community – Crandall Library had a table where Kathleen U. Naftaly, the Director of Crandall Library, explained the services that the library offers: “We are here today because we have a lot of programs and offerings that are important to the senior community. We have free concerts and free movies. We have lessons in how to use technology, free wi-fi, free computers, and of course books, books in many forms… You can get them in print, but we also offer electronic downloadable books, we have books on cassette. We offer streaming of movies and music, and we want the seniors to feel comfortable utilizing our services,” she said. 

Comfort Food Community had a table where Carolyn Shapiro – the Nutrition Education coordinator – and Lyndsey Brainerd – the Community Health Outreach Coordinator – explained their services: “We are here to let people know about our services in case anyone is food-insecure, and they are looking to access food in the community. We work a lot with Warren County but we are based in Washington County,” Carolyn said.

Another attendee, Attorney Jessica Botelho, specializes in elder law and estate planning: “I was asked if I was interested in having a table here at the Senior Expo, and I was happy to do it, it’s a great event. I’ve had a lot of people stop by, everyone needs an attorney or knows someone who needs an attorney,” she said.

Kilmer Funeral Home had a table where George Kilmer was holding court: “I’ve been in the business for over 55 years,” he said, before his attention was taken be a community member with a question. Funeral Director Stephanie Gilman who is a Funeral Director stepped in and added, “We attended the event last year and there was a great turn out. We enjoy being here. We like people to see us out in the community when they are not in the middle of a very stressful time,” she said.

Kim Bren, the Executive Director of the Senior Center, was pleased with the event and is already looking forward to next year: “This has been a huge success. We are thankful to all of the sponsors and all of the community members that came out,” she said.

Events Around Glens Falls Today!

If you are around Glens Falls today, there are some events that you won’t want to miss!

At 4:00 PM, the ARCC Veterans Business Network 2023 Walk for Veteran Suicide Awareness and Prevention will be taking place at City Park. Walk Participants will convene at the City Park Gazebo for a brief greeting, and the walk will begin promptly at 4:22 and end at 4:46 at the starting point. Each registered participant must donate a minimum of $1.00 per person at the time of the event (cash or checks only). For more information, please visit adirondackchamber.org

Also, the Glens Falls Senior Center Expo will be held today at the Queensbury Hotel from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM. This is the second year of the event after the overwhelming success of the Expo last year. This event is free to the public, and will provide information for seniors and the community. This expo will feature many aspects of caregiving and aging, including home repairs and services, end of life planning, assisted living facilities, health and wellness, social opportunities, personal care and advocacy, and many more!

So, if you are around Glens Falls today and would like to participate in some fun, informative and charitable events, these are great options!

SPoT Coffee’s Fall Fest is HERE!

There is always a reason to stop by SPoT Coffee in downtown Glens Falls! They have a wide variety of food, wonderful iced and hot beverages, and a comfortable and casual vibe… And now, there’s one more reason to stop by: The Fall Fest menu has been rolled out, and these menu items have been an instant hit! 

The Falls Features include beverages that can be served hot or iced: White Chocolate Pumpkin Mocha, SPoT Chaider (Chai and Cider), and Autumn Green Tea with Maple and Ginger. The Fall Feature Sandwiches include, Top Round Roast Beef, Oktoberfest Ham, and the Bacon on Bacon Grilled Cheese!

SPoT Coffee understands that with the changing of seasons, pumpkin spice is everywhere! Bill Dingman, the Glens Falls District Operations Manager of SPoT Coffee, joked: “Here in the Northeast, it’s pumpkin seaso,n and that lasts eight months out of the year.” 

This year, SPoT Coffee has gone above and beyond to create a seasonal menu that has more of an Oktoberfest vibe. These menu items will be available well after the pumpkin spice has been put back on the shelf! 

The evolution of Fall Fest into a multi-month, multi-item promotion is something that Bill is proud of: “We had promotions with three beverages over the summer and one food item… Now we are doing three and three, three beverages and three sandwiches,” he said.

The sandwich board that is in front of the service counter draws the eye and entices the taste buds… The artwork is created by the assistant manager and has added to the success of the promotion: “It’s been really popular. I am super happy to see how the sandwiches have taken off,” Bill said.  

He also noted the importance of the cafe staff when speaking of the new menu items: “Some of the things that help to make a promotion a success is the beautiful signage and friendly people at the point of sale who can talk to the guests and suggestively sell our features… Our crew has been crushing it, and I couldn’t be more proud!”  

At SPoT Coffee, Fall Fest is more than seasonal promotion – it’s an indication that SPoT Coffee is not only thriving, but growing: “We are just grateful, this cafe has really grown, we are really happy to be part of this community… We want to be the place where Glens Falls starts their day and ends their day. We are really proud of our staff… My assistant manager has been with me for two years, and several of the other staff members have been with me just as long… We are employing more people because demand is there,” he said.

SPoT Coffee is open 7-7-7: from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM, seven Days a week! So, stop in today and try one of the new additions, or a beloved favorite from the menu.

For more information, please visit Spotcoffee.com

Glens Falls Takes the Jug Game: 45 to 12

The 2023 Glens Falls/Hudson Falls 51st Jug Game matchup took place on the Hudson Falls home field. This traditional game spans generations… This year the competition and camaraderie also touched a somber note when the players and coaches observed a moment of silence for the late John Barvieri, a long time Tigers assistant coach who passed away suddenly on November 11th, 2022.

Glens Falls, in their first season as Black Bears, prevailed in this year’s Jug game to take the victory for the ninth straight year! The early season game was played in warm and muggy conditions, and was the Class B North season opener for each team. Senior runningback Dimaggio Riley led Glens Falls with 95 yards on nine carries, and Junior Brody Holcomb had three scoring passes in his debut as quarterback for the Glens Falls Black Bears, completing 9 of 11 passes for 188 yards in his first varsity start. 

The Hudson Falls Tigers, led by senior quarterback Will Coon, rushed for 140 yards, including a 62-yard touchdown in the first quarter. Fullback Peyton Dupuis ran for 95 yards on 22 carries, and found the end zone. With the loss, Hudson Falls fell to 1-1 overall… Hudson Falls opened the season against Plattsburgh, and prevailed in a non-league, nail biting 24 to 22 victory. 

The rivalry between Glens Falls and Hudson Falls, which dates back to 1917, is a battle to take home the red-and-green whiskey jug. 

The Jug game came early in the season this year, giving both Glens Falls and Hudson Falls an opportunity to start the season with focus and intensity. Last year, Glens Falls won the Jug game 38 to 0, on the shoulders of seasoned Glens Falls quarterback Carson Rath… In that matchup, Rath completed five touchdown passes. Rath and most of his seasoned offensive line graduated last year, creating an opportunity for a younger – and until this season’s Jug game, untested – offense.

Next up, Glens Falls will travel to Gloversville on Friday, September 15th, for a 7:00 PM match up.