Extensive Collection of African American Art Featured at The Hyde Museum

The Harmon and Harriet Kelley Collection of African American Art: Works on Paper is a traveling exhibition celebrating African-American artists and their contributions to American art and culture. This exhibit is now on view at The Hyde Collection.

Curated from the extensive collection of Harmon and Harriet Kelley, this exhibition’s featured artists include Grafton Tyler Brown – the first documented professional graphic artist on the West Coast – contemporary printmaker Margo Humphrey, and internationally known figures Romare Bearden, Elizabeth Catlett, Aaron Douglas, Jacob Lawrence, and Henry Ossawa Tanner. Presented by The Hyde Collection and organized by Landau Traveling Exhibitions of Los Angeles, the exhibition began on January 28, and is on view through April 23.

“It’s a very special collection of nearly 70 watercolors, pastels, drawings, and a variety of print media by leading African American artists,” said Derin Tanyol, The Hyde Collection’s Curator of Modern & Contemporary Art. “The show chronicles the lives of Black Americans through a series of representative themes: labor, landscape and cityscape, portraiture, community, and entertainment. The Kelleys’ curatorial vision focuses on uplifting, positive themes, although a small section of the show confronts racism and injustice. Sourced from one of the most celebrated private collections of African-American art, this exhibition is sure to provide visitors with a rich and thought-provoking experience.” 

This exhibition provides an opportunity for visitors to experience the master graphics of African-American art on a large scale. The majority of the works were produced during the Great Depression period of the 1930s and 40s; during this period, the Federal Arts Project – a relief effort to employ struggling artists as part of The New Deal – helped many artists continue to create throughout that difficult time.

Elizabeth Catlett (1915–2012), Sharecropper, 1952. Two-color linoleum cut, The Harmon & Harriet Kelley Collection

Many works depict rural and urban settings in a bold Post-Cubist style, including scenes showing factory workers, dockworkers, farmers, bridge builders, and road-menders. By the 1950s, some African American artists began to favor Abstract Expressionism, choosing nonrepresentational content over traditional imagery; other artists, including Charles White, Jacob Lawrence, John Biggers, Claude Clark, and Elizabeth Catlett – all of whom are featured in this exhibition – defied this influence, and continued their figurative exploration of African-American themes.

The 1960s and early 70s gave birth to the politically-motivated and African-inspired art of the Civil Rights period – while African-Americans had always made valuable contributions to American art, they had yet to be truly recognized, due to the brutalities of slavery and the systemic racism of Jim Crow laws. Despite continued oppression, African-American artists continued to create works that would reflect their experiences; among the civil rights-themed works in this exhibition are a 1963 lithograph by Jacob Lawrence titled Two Rebels, and Elizabeth Catlett’s well-known print Malcolm X Speaks For Us from 1969.

More recent artists, such as Margo Humphrey, Alison Saar, Robert Colescott, Lionel Lofton, CharlesCriner, and self-taught artists Bert Long and Ike E. Morgan, bring a contemporary perspective to this extensive exhibition.

The Hyde Museum is located at 161 Warren Street in Glens Falls, NY. Hours of operation are Thursday through Sunday, 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

General Admission is $12 for adults over the age of 18, $10 for Seniors (of age 60 and up), and free for Hyde Members, NARM (North American Reciprocal Museum Program) members, ESMRP (Empire State Museum Reciprocal Program) members, students (with ID or other form of proof), children 12 and under, and veterans and active-duty military and families.

For more information, please visit Hydecollection.org

New Curator at The Hyde Museum

Dr. Bryn Schockmel Ph.D

Dr. Bryn Schockmel Ph.D. is the new curator of the permanent collection at the Hyde Museum, located at 161 Warren Street in Glens Falls.  The Hyde Collection is housed in the refurbished historic home of Louis and Charlotte Hyde – Charlotte Hyde established a trust in 1952 that dedicated her home and her extensive art collection to the community.

Charlotte Hyde’s vision was stated in the trust: “To establish and maintain a museum for the exhibition of art objects… and to promote and cultivate the study and improvement of fine arts, for the education and benefit of the residents of Glens Falls and vicinity and the general public.“

As curator, Dr. Bryn Schockmel will be responsible for carrying out Charlotte’s mission at the Hyde Museum. Bryn has strong ties to the Glens Falls area – a decade ago, she had an internship at The Hyde, and she earned her Bachelor’s degree from Skidmore College. 

Bryn’s education continued overseas at The Courtault Institute in London. This is where she earned her Masters Degree in Northern Renaissance Art History; then, she attended Boston University, where she earned her Ph.D in Italian Renaissance Art History. Bryn began her career in Oklahoma City at OKCMOA with a fellowship of provenance research – through this research, the ownership and history of a piece of art is traced. Bryn stayed in Oklahoma City for a total of about three years, and stayed on as curator of several exhibitions after completing her fellowship.

On January 9, 2023, Bryn started as the curator of the permanent collection at The Hyde. “My background is in Renaissance, and I wanted to be back in the Northeast. I wanted to be in a museum with a strong renaissance collection, which the Hyde has; we’ve got our Botticelli, and early modern in general like the Rembrandt, and the El Greco, so I saw this opportunity as a good fit for me” Bryn said. 

Bryn has an abundance of energy and enthusiasm when she talks about both her role at the Hyde and Charlotte’s Collection: “As I’ve been learning more and more… reading about Charlotte and going through our collection’s database, I’m impressed by how diverse her tastes were… We have some medieval stained glass windows, and we have all of these early modern paintings. We also have our Picasso, so it’s such a broad spectrum. There is a lot of furniture and decorative art… It’s going to be a lot of fun to work with because there is such a variety, and there are so many things that I can do.”

This year is the 60th Anniversary of The Hyde Museum. To celebrate, The Hyde is putting on a David Smith exhibition – Smith, an American Abstract expressionist sculpture and painter, is best known for creating large steel abstract geometric sculptures, and is recognized as one of the great sculptors of the 20th century. This exhibition will feature around 25 pieces, on loan from both public and private collections and the estate of David Smith. Smith was a friend of Charlotte Hyde, and a key figure in the founding of The Hyde Museum – he was one its earliest trustees.

For the celebration, Bryn will be putting together a show in one of the smaller galleries in the museum. This show will focus on Charlotte, and feature items from the vault that have not recently been on display, showcasing Charlotte’s diverse taste in art. There will also be a recent acquisition show, to remind the public that the Hyde Collection is still growing: “The recent acquisition show will feature the works that we have acquired over the last five years or so. These are pieces that maybe haven’t been out on view yet… Some people might think that our collection is static, but we are constantly acquiring new works of art” Bryn said.

Dr. Bryn Schockmel has an intrinsic enthusiasm for The Hyde family, Charlotte herself, the house, and the art collection, and this enthusiasm has been recognized by Norman Dasher Junior, the CEO of The Hyde Museum: “We’re thrilled to welcome Dr. Schockmel to The Hyde Collection team. A dynamic expert in her field, she is joining The Hyde at an incredibly exciting time as we celebrate the museum’s 60th anniversary. Dr. Schockmel shares our passion for the mission of The Hyde: To maintain a museum for the exhibition of the permanent collection and to promote and cultivate the improvement of the fine arts education and benefit of the residents of Glens Falls and vicinity and the general public” he said. 

In her role as curator, Dr. Schockmel will be able to advance the vision of Charlotte Hyde, as well as a greater understanding and appreciation of the collection through research, lectures, and writing. The Hyde Museum is open Thursday through Sunday, 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM; for more information, please visit hydecollection.org

It’s Chicken Soup Season: Will a Doctor’s Note Save My Job?

Out off office – memo on office workplace. Holiday Announcement, Day Off or Quarantine Covid-19.

The last couple of years have seen an increased focus on sick time at work mainly due to the COVID pandemic.  But it’s also regular old cold and flu season, and we are often asked whether an employee can lose their job for being out sick and whether providing a doctor’s note will protect their job.  As always, the answer is “it depends” because not all illnesses are protected.

New York does have a relatively new law requiring employers to provide some protected sick days.  But, in general, if you need to be out for a significant period of time – or if you have exceeded those days – a doctor’s note is not necessarily going to protect you.  The law protects the jobs of private employees in New York who are absent for medical reasons typically in two ways: (1) under the FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act); and (2) under the disability discrimination laws like the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the New York State Human Rights Law (NYHRL).  (This isn’t an exhaustive list and employees may be further protected under union contracts or laws applicable to public employees, among other things).

Not all illnesses, however, will be covered.  The FMLA applies only to employees of larger (50+ employees) or public employers, who suffer from serious health conditions.  A serious health condition is usually not something like the flu, a cold or a stomach virus.  It is typically an issue requiring surgery or hospitalization or a medical condition that requires a period of follow-up treatment or that is chronic.  The disability discrimination laws also may not apply to minor illnesses suffered by most individuals.  Instead, the ADA requires that a disability substantially limit a major life activity or bodily function.  The NYHRL is more broad than the ADA and, it is possible, given the particular facts of a case, that a disability not covered by the ADA is covered by the NYHRL.  This will come down to the particular facts of an employee’s situation.

The take-away is that providing a doctor’s note is not necessarily going to protect your job. It may not hurt and could show your employer some proof that you are not abusing your time, but it won’t guarantee that you won’t be fired for excessive absenteeism.  We encourage employees who do have a serious health condition to speak to their doctors or Human Resources about the availability of FMLA time.  When it comes to disabilities, the law also typically wants the employee to actually ask for a reasonable accommodation, so making a formal request is another way to achieve some job protection or at least trigger the employer’s obligations to engage in an interactive process under the ADA and NYHRL to attempt to accommodate a disability.

In the same vein, we speak to many employees in the course of our practice, and often they are protective of their medical conditions and do not want to share personal, private and sometimes embarrassing information with their employers.  However, if an employer is completely in the dark, you may have a hard time going back and proving some sort of discrimination or interference with your rights if you are fired.  So, if an employee needs time off for a disability or serious health condition, we encourage them to consult their employee handbook and consider following the process for formally requesting leave.  There is no guarantee that you will not be retaliated or discriminated against, but at the very least you will have some proof that you were not abusing your time or being excessively absent without a potentially protected reason.  Ideally, your employer will do the right thing and notify you of your rights and work with you to accommodate your situation.  

All employment situations are different and depend on the particular facts and circumstances.  This article should not be relied on as legal advice in taking action in your specific situation, and you should speak to an attorney, Human Resources and/or consult your employee handbook for guidance on how to proceed. 



Giovanna A. D’Orazio has experience litigating, among other things, commercial, general civil, employment, land use and personal injury matters in New York State and federal courts. Giovanna also has experience litigating Article 78 proceedings in New York State court.

Cole’s Woods Closed

On Wednesday, December 28, 2022, the City of Glens Falls announced that Cole’s Woods is closed until further notice, after high winds damaged lights and left the system of cross country ski trails in poor condition.

Cole’s Woods is supported by The Friends of Cole’s Woods, a group that have been the stewards of Cole’s Woods since 1978; they support a wide range of seasonal recreational outdoor activities within Cole’s Woods, and are committed to the free and public use of the park. The members of this organization recognize the value of having a trail system and woodlands accessible to local communities, and are committed to ensuring that the trails remain safe, groomed for nordic skiing, and maintained for other recreational activities. 

Cole’s Woods is the home of the first lighted cross country ski trails in North America. In December of 1971, a budget of $3,000 was used to cut back brush and illuminate two kilometers of trails. The City of Glens Falls will provide notification when the trails re-open.

The Queensbury Hotel 2022 NYE Celebration

Looking for a way to ring in 2023? The Queensbury Hotel has events for you! On Saturday, December 31st, 2022, The Queensbury Hotel is offering two ways to ring in the New Year!

 The First Option: A four-course dinner & New Year’s Eve Party is $175 per ticket.

This includes:

  • Cocktail reception in Gold Room
  • Four-Course Dinner in The Queen’s Ballroom
  • A Six-hour Open Bar (6:00 PM to Midnight)
  • Admission to NYE Party with Soul Session in Adirondack Ballroom (9:00 PM to 1:00 AM) 
  • 20% service charge applied at check out includes staff gratuity.

The Reception and Four-Course Dinner Menu includes:

The Tasting Table:

Chef’s curated display of artisan cheeses, salumi and appetizers

Passed Hors D’oeuvres:

Beef Crostini, Caramelized Onion, Horseradish, Leek Ash

White Shrimp Cocktail, Spicy Cocktail Sauce

Gochujang Meatball, Scallions, Sesame Seeds 

Blue Crab Quiche Tartlet, Buttered Leek, Gruyere

First Course:

Lobster Bisque, Butter-Poached Lobster, Cognac, Tarragon Oil

Second Course:

Chestnut and Kobocha Squash Ravioli, Brown Butter Shimeji Mushrooms, Star Anise

Third Course:

Roast Beef Tenderloin, Potato Pave, Hakurei Turnip, Glazed Carrots Bordelaise Sauce

Fourth Course:

Baked Alaska, Chocolate Espresso Cake, Banana Sea Salt, Caramel Gelato


An Assortment of Mini Pastries and Truffles for the table  

The second option, The New Year’s Eve Party, is $75 per ticket which includes:

  • Admission to the NYE Party with Soul Session in the Adirondack Ballroom(9:00 PM to 1:00 AM)
  • Live entertainment from Garland Nelson & Soul Session
  • Open bar (9 p.m.-midnight)
  • Lite snacks 
  • Photo Booth 
  • 20% service charge applied at checkout includes staff gratuity.

To make the most of your evening, book a room and stay overnight; when you purchase your ticket, you will receive a promo code to receive a discount on an overnight stay. 

Southy’s Pizzeria Was Gifted $300 to Help People in Need… And Inspired More

Message posted by Southy’s via Facebook

Southy’s – a local South Glens Falls Pizzeria, located at 75 Saratoga Avenue – was gifted $300 via Venmo to help families in need on December 22nd, 2022. The money was Venmoed to a Southy’s employee, asking that the money be spent on pizza for people in need; the anonymous donor’s original message said that they would be donating $200, but the amount that was Venmoed was $300. To manage this gift, Southy’s distributed gift certificates to families that they knew to be struggling. Southy’s Pizzeria distributed the gift certificates until they were gone. 

This act of kindness inspired others to donate as well. Via a Facebook post Southy’s wrote “If you remember this post from a few days ago, you’ll be happy to know that Saturday afternoon another SGF business owner felt inspired to donate $200 to the same effort.”  Angel Isaac – owner of The Pretty Hot Mess Wellness Boutique – made the donation. And then, there was more… Cardinale’s Car Care Venmoed $200 as well, with a Facebook message that read, “It takes a village. Thank you for doing this. XO, Cardinale’s Car Care”

Southy’s explained that they have been managing over 50 messages, and that they will soon be contacting people who they were unable to help with the original donation.

Morgan & Co Treats GFPD to Holiday Lunch

Photo Credit:City of Glens Falls Chef Rebecca Newell-Butters & Manager Jolene of Morgan & Co.

The popular Glens Falls restaurant Morgan & Co showed their appreciation for the Glens Falls Police Department on Thursday, December 22, 2022, with lunch for the entire staff. Chef Rebecca Newell-Butters and the restaurant manager Jolene presented the luncheon to the Glens Falls City Police Department, which has 30 sworn members and two civilian employees. 

“The holidays can be a sad time of year for some. Giving back makes you feel better, especially when you give back to the community. This year, we decided to do this for the Glens Falls Police Department because they do a lot of hard work around the city. We have a great police department, and the work they are doing in drug enforcement to keep drugs away from our kids is very important. It’s pretty amazing what our police department does” Chef Rebecca Newell-Butters said. The Chef and Co-owner of Morgan & Co said that she was doing it in the name of her father Ron Newell who was born and raised in Glens Falls. “He loved Glens Falls and helped a lot of people in the community.”

Police Chief Jarrod Smith thanked Morgan & Co: “On behalf of the police department, I wanted to say thank you very much for arranging the lunch. It was delicious and everyone was very appreciative. Thank you for thinking of us, and have a Merry Christmas.” 

Morgan & Co is located in the historic 19th century McEchron House in Downtown Glens Falls. It has been owned by Chef partners Rebecca Newell-Butters & Steve Butters since 2014.  Rebecca is a graduate of Glens Falls High School, and attended New England Culinary Institute in Burlington, Vermont. Rebecca’s international travel helped her sample a variety of cuisines and further develop her palate, helping her to win on an episode of the Food Network reality show “Chopped” in 2009.

Chef Steve Butters grew up in Norwood Massachusetts, and started cooking at a young age. He worked summers in restaurants on Cape Cod, and attended the famous Cambridge School of Culinary Arts. Steve also garnered culinary fame on the Food Network – he appeared on the show “Sweet Genius”, where his humor earned him a cameo on E! Entertainment’s “The Soup with Joel McHale”. The couple married in 2010, at the Sagamore Hotel in Bolton Landing.

Morgan & Co is located t 65 Ridge Street in Glens Falls, which is also known as The McEchron House; the house was originally built by William and Sarah McEchron in 1891. The McEchron’s were philanthropists and involved in many local businesses – William McEchron was a charter member of the YMCA, and was involved in the construction of Christ Church. In 1984, the house was added to the National Register of Historic Places. Morgan & Co is open year-round, and features gourmet catering, private parties, and outdoor dining in the warmer months. For more information, visit MorganRestaurant.com

ARCC Sponsored Ribbon Cutting For Much-Anticipated Park & Elm Restaurant

The Adirondack Regional Chamber of Commerce presented a festive ribbon cutting to kick off the long awaited grand opening of the Park & Elm Restaurant on Friday, sponsored by M&M digital printing. A sizable crowd of community members attended the ribbon cutting to show their support for the newest endeavor by Glens Falls’ favorite mother and son entrepreneurs, Elizabeth & Ben Miller.

Prior to the ribbon cutting, people wandered the isles of the already popular Park & Elm Market & Deli. Conversations about already beloved “must-try” menu items filled the space. Both Ben & Elizabeth Miller kindly greeted guests, and cheers rang out as the ribbon fell. 

Elizabeth & Ben Miller

Ben Miller then welcomed everyone in attendance to enjoy a drink at the bar prior to the first seating. Amongst the attendees was Andrea Harwood, the Director of Development and Site Acquisition for Habitat for Humanity: she said, “Elizabeth and Ben Miller are pillars of this community. We are fortunate to have innovators like them in our downtown corner.”

The bar area was large enough to comfortably accommodate the crowd. Everyone clearly enjoyed the architectural features of the industrial chic decor – decorative wooden tables set with simple yet elegant place settings accented the long teal banquet, which lined the wall that separated the bar from the dining room. The bar area was lined with high top tables, and the barstools were cushioned and had decorative backs. The decor was pulled together with exposed brick walls and a tin ceiling. 

The Park & Elm menu will be executed by Executive Chef Matthew J. Delos; Delos and his staff moved across the street from Doc’s Restaurant, and will continue to feature the locally-sourced ingredients that his creative dishes are known for. 

Park & Elm will be open Wednesday through Saturday, from 5:00 PM until close; the attached Market & Deli will operate Tuesdays through Saturdays from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM. For more information, please visit https://www.parkandelm.com/

Kiwanis Club of Glens Falls “Spirits In the Trees” Opening Ceremony

Spirits in the Trees

Kiwanis Club of Glens Falls hosted the opening of “Spirits In the Trees” on Sunday night at Crandall Park. The lighting of the trees took place at just after 5:00 PM; of the 100 trees on display, 94 of them were decorated. Patricia Van Buren, coordinator of the event, was on hand in the late morning on Sunday to help set up. 

She was very pleased with the number of trees that were decorated: “Yesterday, it was so nice to see people talking and laughing as they decorated the trees. They were intermingling and introducing themselves to one another. It was wonderful to see the community together” she said, as we wandered from tree to tree, admiring each one. Van Buren decorated her own tree: “Celebrating People and The Cats they Love…and a few dogs.”

Patricia Van Buren and her tree

 Just after 4:30, cars streamed into Crandall Park as the daylight faded into a gray snowy evening. People wandered around the trees, admiring each one and greeting neighbors and friends. There were heaters near the stage, and the boy scouts were raising money by offering hot chocolate for a donation.

The event included remarks from Kiwanis Club President Doug Shaver, and Mayor Bill Collins; these remarks were followed by an invocation by Pastor Chris Jewell of Queensbury United Methodist Church. After these remarks, there was a reading of the themes for each of the trees, and the program for the event had a listing of the trees and the people involved in donating it. 

Doug Shaver credited past president and current club secretary Patricia Van Buren with advocating for the event: Shaver said from the band stand, “Spirits in the Trees was the vision of one of our past presidents and current club secretary, Pat Van Buren. Pat felt that families and friends, working together to plan and design a tree theme should gather to decorate those trees in remembering a lost loved one, honoring an individual or group dear to them, or celebrating the importance of something in their lives, would be a wonderful event to share with our community.”

Glens Falls Mayor Bill Collins

Mayor Collins gave the crowd a warm welcome and received cheers from the crowd. “This is an amazing thing that we’ve got here; and I hate to make predictions as Mayor, but I predict that after you see these lights lighting up, that you’ll all wish that I do that I got a tree. You know both my father and my sister passed away years ago right before Christmas, and it makes Christmas both more meaningful and a little more difficult every year. But as I walked out tonight looking at all of these trees I grew with regret that I didn’t take the time to do this. And I bet there’s a few others as you walk through tonight that would think the same thing. And I’ll bet you there will be double the number next year. Great ideas catch on and this is a great idea.”

The Abraham Wing Elementary School donated a tree, celebrating the Abraham Wing Community; second-grader Quentin Straight was on hand to show off the ornament that he had made in art class. When asked about the most exciting part of the event, Quentin said, “Seeing my artwork on the tree and seeing the tree light up.” Quentin was accompanied by his father Eric Straight, his mother Tori Phillips, and his aunt Johna Ferry.  

Second Grader Quentin Straight & Family

After the trees were lit, there was seasonal music played by the Queensbury High School Madrigals. Trees will be lit every evening throughout the New Year.

Safe And Affordable Ways To Keep Heating Bills Lower This Winter

Heating bills are expected to increase this winter by 28% in nearly half of US homes. The cold days of winter are upon us… Energy and fuel costs are soaring as supply continues to tighten, but there are ways to save on your heating bill. One way is to seal up leaks. There can be air leaks in walls, windows, ceilings… Anywhere air can escape. Caulking and weather striping are helpful ways to seal up air leaks. Programming the thermostat can also be helpful; there can be as much as a 10% savings a year by dropping the thermostat 7-10 degrees for eight hours a day. Shutting doors of unused rooms, wearing warmer clothing, cooking, and buying curtains and shades are also affective ways to lower your heating costs. 

As costs rise, people naturally look for alternatives to heating. Ventless gas heaters are heaters that do not have a vent or chimney… These heaters are inexpensive and can be placed anywhere in a house or apartment; however, the indoor air quality can be compromised. Since the 1980s, all ventless warmers have been required to include an oxygen depletion sensor – this senses the oxygen in the room, and if the concentration of oxygen falls below a certain threshold, the heater is turned off. Ventless heaters are not meant for long-term use, or to be used to heat more than one room; they are designed to only be used when essential, and under parental supervision… And, because the heaters do not circulate air from the outside, it is essential to open a window when using them. 

Ventless heaters also create combustion byproducts that are harmful to your health: these include Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, and Water Vapor.

Carbon Monoxide is hazardous, and can be lethal in high concentrations; in low concentrations, it can cause health issues.  Nitrogen Dioxide can affect your immune system and make you more susceptible to respiratory disease. Water vapor can cause mold to grow, which can trigger allergy and asthma attacks. Ventless heaters do not have sensors for carbon monoxide or other harmful pollutants.

There are extensive safety warnings that accompany ventless gas heaters. These outline the dangers and potential hazards of the heaters. 

There are other alternatives to help keep heating costs lower and your home safer – changing filters ensures that the systems are working as efficiently as possible. A ceiling fan set to clockwise can be utilized to help to push heat down in the room. Buying shades and curtains help keep the house warmer; about 30% of heat loss is through windows. 

These are safe and easy ways to help keep your home a bit warmer this season. Although ventless heaters may seem like a great bargain, there are health and safety risks associated with them as well.

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