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Queensbury Girls Tennis Beat South High To Keep Winning Streak Going!

Queensbury, 7… South Glens Falls, 0!

The Queensbury Girls Tennis team traveled to South Glens Falls to keep their streak alive! Queensbury’s varsity girls tennis team remains undefeated, having run its Foothills Council winning streak to 56 consecutive matches!

Singles Results:

1. Nicole Greenstein (Q) def. Emily Kamber, 6-0, 6-0

2. Lindsey Pepe (Q) def. Peyton Howk, 6-0, 6-0

3. Flavia Brizzi (Q) def. Hannah Geary, 6-0, 6-1

4. Maria Conway (Q) def. Nora Kelleher, 6-0, 6-0

5. Sedona Jones (Q) def. Sierra VanDerwarker, 6-1, 6-1

Doubles Results:

1. Briana Guay/Johanna Troelstra (Q) def. Michaela Tracy/Kiera Simmons, 6-0, 6-1

2. Amy Winchell/Lilly Trowbridge (Q) def. Kaitlyn Mulligan/Addison Nelson, 6-0, 6-1


Queensbury 8-0 (7-0 Foothills Council), South Glens Falls 3-4 (3-4 Foothills Council).

Glens Falls Boys Soccer Defeat  Hudson Falls To Remain Undefeated!

Glens Falls, 7… Hudson Falls, 0!

The Glens Falls Black Bears overpowered the Hudson Falls Tigers during their first matchup this season. The teams met under the lights at Putt LaMay Memorial Field, where Glens Falls dominated the first half, scoring five goals – Gavin Rittenhouse netted two, and Josef Frankenfeld, Nate DiFiore, and Tim Motsiff each scored one. In the second half, Zachary Moore added two more goals for Glens Falls, bringing the final score to 7-0.

Next Up: Glens Falls will travel to Queensbury – Glens Falls (5-0) and Queensbury (4-0-1) are the top two teams in the Foothills Council – on Thursday, September 21st, 2023… Game starts at 7:00 PM!

Glens Falls Boys Soccer 2-0 Over Mechanicville

On Saturday, September 16th, Glens Falls and Mechanicville met in a key test for both teams at Mechanicville High School. Following a scoreless first half of play, Glens Falls was the first team to score on a Tim Motsiff penalty kick (PK) after Landon Becker was taken down in the box.

Gavin Rittenhouse got the insurance goal to give Glens Falls the win! Mechanicville had their own penalty kick attempt late in the match, but Glens Falls keeper, Ayden Grieve, had yet one more PK save to keep the clean sheet. Grieve has three PK saves on three attempts this year.

Glens Falls now stands at 6-0 overall, and holds first place (4-0) in the Foothills Council.

Glens Falls will face Hudson Falls on the turf under the lights on Tuesday September 19th, at 7:00 PM.

Undefeated! Glens Falls Boys Soccer Beats Schuylerville

Glens Falls, 3… Schuylerville, 1.

Glens Falls Boys Varsity Soccer came up with the win against Schuylerville under the lights at the Putt LaMay Memorial Field. This key Foothills Council matchup was the first-ever home night game on turf in Glens Falls program history. 

The Black Bears got the prime-time win, defeating the Black Horses 3-1 to move to 4-0 in conference play and 5-0 overall. Glens Falls had goals from Landan Phipps, Gavin Rittenhouse and Cameron Shaver. Schuylerville’s lone goal came from Trevor French. Both goalkeepers played outstanding games!

Ayden Grieve recorded the win for the Black Bears while Griffin Brophy racked up 16 impressive saves for the Black Horses to keep the game tight throughout.

Next Up: Glens Falls will travel to Mechanicville on Saturday, September 16th – game begins at 12:30 PM!

Queensbury’s Girls Tennis Keep Streak Alive

Tennis Court

Queensbury’s varsity girls tennis team upped its record to 4-0 overall and 3-0 in Foothills Council play with a 7-0 victory at Hudson Falls! The Spartans increased their Foothills Council winning streak to 52 consecutive matches.

Queensbury, 7… Hudson Falls, 0~

Singles Results:

1. Nicole Greenstein (Q) def. Madison Sawyer, 6-1, 6-0

2. Tessa Murray (Q) def. Mya Strong, 6-3, 6-0

3. Lindsey Pepe (Q) def. Emily Harrington, 6-0, 6-0

4. Maria Conway (Q) def. Kylie Suprenant, 6-0, 6-0

5. Flavia Brizzi (Q) def. Alexandra Hogan, 6-0, 6-0

Doubles Results:

1. Sedona Jones/Miranda Affinito (Q) def. Maggie Traver/Caliegh Zahaba, 6-0, 6-1

2. Amy Winchell/Briana Guay (Q) def. Nora Felton/Gianna Balsamo, 6-0, 6-0

Glens Falls Takes the Jug Game: 45 to 12

The 2023 Glens Falls/Hudson Falls 51st Jug Game matchup took place on the Hudson Falls home field. This traditional game spans generations… This year the competition and camaraderie also touched a somber note when the players and coaches observed a moment of silence for the late John Barvieri, a long time Tigers assistant coach who passed away suddenly on November 11th, 2022.

Glens Falls, in their first season as Black Bears, prevailed in this year’s Jug game to take the victory for the ninth straight year! The early season game was played in warm and muggy conditions, and was the Class B North season opener for each team. Senior runningback Dimaggio Riley led Glens Falls with 95 yards on nine carries, and Junior Brody Holcomb had three scoring passes in his debut as quarterback for the Glens Falls Black Bears, completing 9 of 11 passes for 188 yards in his first varsity start. 

The Hudson Falls Tigers, led by senior quarterback Will Coon, rushed for 140 yards, including a 62-yard touchdown in the first quarter. Fullback Peyton Dupuis ran for 95 yards on 22 carries, and found the end zone. With the loss, Hudson Falls fell to 1-1 overall… Hudson Falls opened the season against Plattsburgh, and prevailed in a non-league, nail biting 24 to 22 victory. 

The rivalry between Glens Falls and Hudson Falls, which dates back to 1917, is a battle to take home the red-and-green whiskey jug. 

The Jug game came early in the season this year, giving both Glens Falls and Hudson Falls an opportunity to start the season with focus and intensity. Last year, Glens Falls won the Jug game 38 to 0, on the shoulders of seasoned Glens Falls quarterback Carson Rath… In that matchup, Rath completed five touchdown passes. Rath and most of his seasoned offensive line graduated last year, creating an opportunity for a younger – and until this season’s Jug game, untested – offense.

Next up, Glens Falls will travel to Gloversville on Friday, September 15th, for a 7:00 PM match up.

Queensbury Varsity Girls Tennis Remain Undefeated!

The Queensbury varsity girls tennis team improved to 3-0 overall and 2-0 in Foothills Council with a victory against visiting South Glens Falls!

Queensbury, 7… South Glens Falls, 0.

Singles Results:

1. Nicole Greenstein (Q) def. Peyton Howk, 10-1

2. Tessa Murray (Q) def. Emily Kamber, 10-1

3. Lindsey Pepe (Q) def. Nora Kelleher, 10-1

4. Maria Conway (Q) def. Hannah Geary, 10-2

5. Flavia Brizzi (Q) def. Kaitlyn Mulligan, 10-1

Doubles Results:

1. Sedona Jones/Miranda Affinito (Q) def. Michaela Tracy/Kiera Simmons, 10-0

2. Amy Winchell/Briana Guay (Q) def. Sierra VanDerwarker/Kierra Skaarup, 10-1


Queensbury 3-0 overall (2-0 Foothills Council), South Glens Falls 0-2 (0-2).

Battlefield Park Alliance Extends Visitor Center Season

The Lake George Battlefield Park Alliance is marching through its second season of operating the park’s highly acclaimed Visitor Center by extending the Center’s season through the end of October, while also encouraging the public to keep exploring the site’s natural beauty and unique place in American history.

“September and October are spectacular months to trek around our battlefield,” noted Bruce M. Venter, Alliance Trustee and author of “The Battle of Hubbardton” and other acclaimed books on early American military conflicts. “The heat of summer has receded, and a crisp autumn day is a good time to get out for a walk… Folks will also be able to see the Lake George Battlefield Park Visitor Center’s new additions, including the 1758 Abercrombie campaign diorama. Then, they can hike through the battlefield and view the remains of Fort George and other remnants of the French & Indian War and the American Revolution – making it a great time to enjoy the colors of the season and learn about America’s history.”

1758 Abercrombie campaign diorama

Beginning this weekend and continuing through October 29th, the Battlefield Park Visitor Center will be open Friday through Sunday from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. The Battlefield Park Alliance will also continue to host free guided tours of the site each Saturday in September and October, beginning at 11:00 AM.

Additional special programs being sponsored by the Alliance in the coming weeks include:

• Thursday, September 21st, 7:00 PM, at the Fort William Henry Conference Center: “The Battle of Lake George: Clash of Empires, 1755“, a presentation by historian John-Eric Nelson, co-sponsored by the French & Indian War Society at Lake George.

• Sunday, October 8th, 1:00 PM, at the Lake George Battlefield Park: the dedication of a new historical marker describing Carleton’s Raid in 1780, with a tour led by AllianceTrustee Pat Niles of places in the park associated with the raid.

For more information, please Visit lakegeorgebattlefield.org

It’s Back to School Time: Injuries and Employment Problems

We hope that everyone has a stress-free transition back into the school year. But, sometimes, things go wrong at school, and this article will explore when liability can arise.

First up, personal injuries.

A school is a property like any other, which means that if you are hurt by dangerous conditions like disrepairs and poorly maintained facilities, you can sue for negligence. Schools can also be sued for failing to take remedial action with respect to bullying, and in the context of other instances of violence like fights between students or altercations with personnel.

An item to keep in mind if you are injured at a school is that most schools in New York enjoy a layer of protection provided by the Education Law’s notice of claim requirement. This means that, as a prerequisite to filing a lawsuit, you have to serve a notice of claim on the appropriate individual(s) within three months of the date of your accident. This applies to students as well as to other visitors to the property.

What if you are an employee of the school? Typically, employees in New York cannot sue their employers for negligence because of the Workers’ Compensation law. That means if you slip on a spill in the cafeteria that should have been cleaned up sooner, your remedy is in Workers’ Comp and not in a lawsuit. Employees who are injured at work can have recourse, however, if there is a third party responsible. So, if a contractor is doing work at the school and you are injured because of its negligence, you can have what’s called a third party claim against the contractor and still receive Workers’ Compensation. However, your recovery in a personal injury lawsuit will likely be reduced by what you have already received, i.e., the Workers’ Comp lien.

Next up, employment issues.

Public schools are subject to the same state and federal anti-discrimination laws as any other employer, as well as the federal Family and Medical Leave Act. This means that employees cannot be targeted because of their protected status (for example, sex, race, a disability, or age) or be retaliated against for making a complaint of discrimination or harassment based on their protected status. When it comes to state law claims, that notice of claim requirement still applies, so it’s important to keep an eye on applicable deadlines. Federal employment claims are not affected by the notice of claim requirement but may require filing a charge at the EEOC before moving forward with a lawsuit.

In public schools, employees also enjoy some, albeit limited, First Amendment protection when they speak on matters of public concern.

Often teachers and other school employees have protection through their union Collective Bargaining Agreement or under the Civil Service Law or Education Law, that may offer some job protection beyond what is available to many private employees. So, it is important for someone dealing with an employment related issue to be sure they understand all of their rights and options as they navigate a difficult work situation.

We certainly hope that the school year goes off without a hitch, but if not, be sure to keep in mind that schools enjoy some heightened protections in New York so it’s important to explore your options sooner rather than later.

Attorney advertising. Prior results do not guarantee a future outcome.

Glens Falls Boys Varsity Soccer Team Start Season With a Win!

Glens Falls, 5… Schalmont, 2.

Glens Falls Boys Varsity Soccer team won their home opener over the young and scrappy Schalmont Sabres team. This non-league matchup was scoreless in the first half; then, the Glens Falls offense came alive and scored their first goal in the third minute of play in the second half. Landan Phipps and Tim Motsiff both scored two goals for the Black Bears, and Landon Becker added one. Nate Difiore had three assists for the Black Bears, and Gavin Rittenhouse and Landon Becker each had one assist. The Sabres’ goals came from Andrew Sprager and David Cafarelli, and the assists for the Sabres came from Luke Viscusi and Jason Natalie.

Patrick Manthie – the goalkeeper for Schalmont – had six saves. Ayden Grieve – the Glens falls Goalkeeper – saved a penalty kick for Glens Falls, and had three saves in the first half of play.  Glens Falls had 11 shots on goal, and held the Schalmont Sabres to five shots on goal.

Next Up: The Glens Falls Black Bears will travel to Gloversville on September 5th for a 6:00 PM game.