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Welcome to Chatting With…!

You’d be surprised what the Glens Falls area might have in store for you. Here on Chatting with…, we’ll be interviewing a new guest every episode! Who will that guest be? All we’ll say here is it will be a local – to learn more, you’ll have to tune in and find out for yourself!

Episode 4

Chatting With… Paul Smith (Keller-Williams, Episode 4)

In this episode, our host Mike Nelson interviews Paul Smith, an excellent real estate agent and Iron Man from Keller-Williams Capital District! They discuss his past construction experience, his transition into real estate, and more in this informative episode!
00:05 – Introduction
00:56 – The Paul Smith Story
01:39 – Paul Smith: Neck of Steel
03:01 – How Has a Construction Background Helped Paul Sell Real Estate?
04:57 – Steel Neck, Steel Body: The Iron Man
05:46 – The Drive: A Sheer Desire to Push Yourself!
07:13 – Mental Toughness: Not Just For Races!
08:30 – The Real Estate Market: A Buyer’s Market Finally Incoming?
09:26 – The Post-COVID Boom VS The 2008 Crash – Steve Says, No Crash in Sight!
10:20 – “Marry the House, Date the Rate”
11:04 – Steve’s Specialty: Not Specializing!
12:08 – Real Estate: Not a Job, But a Fun Game!
13:06 – Closing Remarks: How to Get in Touch

PRODUCTION NOTE: The opinions reflected in this podcast are not indicative of the views of Saratoga Business Report, SaratogaBride.com LLC, Saratoga TODAY, Glens Falls TODAY, or Spa City Digital.


  • Host

    Michael Nelson

  • Guests

    Paul Smith

  • Runtime

    14 min 4 sec

  • Airdate

    October 3, 2022