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Cole’s Woods Closed

On Wednesday, December 28, 2022, the City of Glens Falls announced that Cole’s Woods is closed until further notice, after high winds damaged lights and left the system of cross country ski trails in poor condition.

Cole’s Woods is supported by The Friends of Cole’s Woods, a group that have been the stewards of Cole’s Woods since 1978; they support a wide range of seasonal recreational outdoor activities within Cole’s Woods, and are committed to the free and public use of the park. The members of this organization recognize the value of having a trail system and woodlands accessible to local communities, and are committed to ensuring that the trails remain safe, groomed for nordic skiing, and maintained for other recreational activities. 

Cole’s Woods is the home of the first lighted cross country ski trails in North America. In December of 1971, a budget of $3,000 was used to cut back brush and illuminate two kilometers of trails. The City of Glens Falls will provide notification when the trails re-open.