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Cole’s Woods is Fully Open Once Again

Cole’s Woods, one of this area’s premier trail systems and home of North America’s first lighted Cross-Country ski trails, is fully open once again. The Glens Falls Department of Public Works has made all the necessary repairs; the lights are back on, and all the tree damage has been removed. This damage occurred as the result of heavy winds heading into the Christmas holiday weekend.

As of last summer, Cole’s Woods hired Guth-Deconzo Engineering – a lighting and electrical engineering firm from Troy – to design a new lighting system for the woods. This system will replace the original, current system, which has been in place for the last 50 years.

The new design is expected to incorporate free-standing fiberglass poles, with power lines buried in conduits to minimize storm damage. This system will utilize LED lights, for both energy conservation purposes as well as quality control over the trails’ lighting. More information will be released as the project moves towards completion.