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Downtown Eatery & Apartments to Evolve Into an Airbnb

21 Ridge Street

In Glens Falls, Jacob Laing purchased 21 Ridge Street last July with the idea of creating an Airbnb in mind. This location has a dining space for roughly 50 people, and two apartments above. This spot has been the home to popular local eateries including Fiddleheads and more recently Birch Bark Eatery, which closed in February… Laing plans on offering the two upstairs apartments and the eatery as one Airbnb location.

The idea behind Airbnb was developed in San Francisco by roommates Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia in 2007 – this concept of short-term living quarters with breakfast became an alternative for travelers who were unable to book a hotel due to a saturated market. The concept took off, and has since become a household name. 

Laing’s vision is to use this location as an Airbnb rental location with an added twist: guests would have access to the apartments above and the dining space, as a gathering spot for families hosting special events… He sees a need for guests to have a private event space available and included in their booking. Being able to combine the lodging and the event aspect of booking will make planning easier and more seamless for guests traveling to the area.

The location as a restaurant does have its challenges… The large front window – which is usually sought after by restaurateurs – is blocked off by an interior wall, which stops passersby from peering in and seeing the potential dining experience… Using the location as a private event space instead mitigates that challenge.

Laing hopes to have renovations completed by March, and would like to keep the property affordable for his future guests.