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Faces Of City Hall: City Clerk, Megan Nolin

Photo Provided by: City of Glens Falls: Megan Nolin

Megan Nolin is a well known face at City Hall – she is the City Clerk, and has been working intermittently at the Clerk’s Office since 2007. In the City Clerk’s Office, Megan and her team assist taxpayers and residents of the City by providing a variety of diverse services. The Clerk’s Office houses the records of all of the City’s public board and commission meetings, as well as other vital statistics.

The staff in the City Clerk’s Office is made up of seven employees:  five full-time, and two part-time. There are three full-time clerks, a part-time records manager/historian, a part-time records manager, the Deputy Clerk, and the City Clerk.  “People are mostly coming in (to City Hall) to pay their taxes, coming in for court, and they come into our office for a wide array of things. Birth, death, marriage, vital records really and to take out marriage licenses so that they can get married. We have records back to 1888 in our vaults. Right now it is people traveling and people getting passports” Megan said in a recent interview.

One of the reasons that Megan is so well known in City Hall is that everyone stops at the City Clerk’s Office first: “Everyone comes to our office first. A lot of people come through to go to City Court.  If they are wondering where that is, it’s on the third floor.” 

Megan also recommends stopping into the City Clerk’s Office:  “The girls in our office are great. If we don’t have the answer, we’ll find the answer for you.” 

Megan was born in Glens Falls and raised in the area around Glens Falls, Queensbury and Hudson Falls. Her role in City Hall has shifted and changed throughout the years – she is both the City Clerk, and the Webmaster. “I started out in the Clerk’s office in ‘07 as a part time clerk. I had my daughter in 2010, and came back for a little while. Then I wasn’t able to secure daycare that my husband and I were ok with, so we decided with the cost and how we both felt that I would stay home. Then around 2018, I got a call from Bob Curtis who was the former City Clerk asking how I was with technology and asking me to come in and meet with Mayor Hall and himself to discuss taking care of the website part time. Then in 2020, I started as the Deputy Clerk, and then at the end of 2021 Bob Curtis retired and in 2022, I became the City Clerk and still retained the webmaster role as well.”

For anyone who is interested in working in the City Clerk’s Office or City Hall, Megan recommends starting part-time: “If you want to work in City Hall, start part-time. There are a lot of opportunities. Most people who are here started part-time. Everyone in our office started out 15 hours a week, 20 hours a week. That’s a good way to get in the door.”

The City Clerk’s office is located on the first floor of City Hall, and is open from Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. Marriage licenses, Hunting/Fishing licenses and Dog Redemptions are available until 4:00 PM. For more information, visit Cityofglensfalls.com