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Episode 8

Autumn Wright (US Marines, LVS)

In this episode, our hosts Mike Nelson and Stephen Willette interview Autumn Wright, a Marine Corps veteran and current beautician! They discuss the intensity of the training new recruits receive, why it’s necessary, how adapting to civilian life afterwards can be difficult, and more!

Episode 7

Derek Lloyd (US Army SSG, 2002-2011)

In this episode, our host Mike Nelson interviews Derek Lloyd, an army vet who’s seen his share of action in Afghanistan! They discuss the intense conditions in a battle zone, the importance of camaraderie in that situation, why it’s so difficult to build that kind of kinship as civilians, and more in this in-depth episode!
Episode 6

Ralph Wettig (US Navy)

In this episode, our hosts Mike Nelson and Steve Willett interview Ralph Wettig, a PBR Squadron veteran who served in Vietnam and the Philippines! They discuss his rigorous but memorable training, some of the unique aspects of the two countries he served in, and a few surprising experiences! You won’t want to miss this episode; give it a listen!

Episode 5

Dave Santy (USMC)

In this episode, our host Steve Willet interviews Dave Santy, an infantry veteran from the United States Marine Corps! They discuss his rigorous FAST training, what he believes makes for a real patriot, a dangerous encounter with a garbage bomb, and more in this stellar episode!

Episode 4

Justin Hall

In this episode, our hosts Mike Nelson and Steve Willet interview Justin Hall, an Army veteran with some stories of courage and hope to tell! They discuss his post-military health problems, his wonderful service dog Rosa, his non-profit Jiu Jitsu organization, and more in this inspiring episode!

Episode 3

Nick Kolor

In this episode, host Mike Nelson talks with Nick Kolor, a former military medical researcher and current owner and operator of Individual Analytics! You’ll hear about his discovery of a new means to detect blood type, his business helping civilians and veterans alike, and more in this stellar interview!

Episode 2

Joe Dalton (2nd Lieutenant USMC, 1963-1967)

In this episode, hosts Mike Nelson and Stephen Willet talk with Joe Dalton, a Vietnam veteran with plenty of stories to tell! You’ll hear about Joe’s service, his helping the civilians, his views on the war’s political side, and much more in this spectacular interview!

Episode 1


What inspired us to get started? What can you expect from us in the future? Find out the answers in our debut episode!

Welcome to Faces of Veterans.
Veterans all have a story to tell, but not enough of them get to share it… Well, no more! On Faces of Veterans, we’ll be interviewing veterans of all kinds and collecting their stories for posterity so they’ll never be forgotten.

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