Glens Falls TODAY: Morning Brief – Episode 49: Native American Mascot Ruling | 11/22/22

Today, Gary discussed the New York State Department of Education’s ruling that any school with a Native American-themed mascot will be required to find a replacement by the end of the school year. Also in the news: Park & Elm’s open house this past weekend, North Country ARTS unveils their “Celebration Exhibit,” and new ideas proposed for the old Rexleigh Marble Mill along the Batten Kill.

00:02 – Intro
00:34 – Ad Break 1
01:13 – Story 1: Park & Elm Open House
02:46 – Story 2: North Country ARTS “Celebration Exhibit”
04:13 – Ad Break 2
04:36 – Story 3: Native American Mascot Ruling
07:35 – Story 4: New Ideas Proposed for Old Mill Along Batten Kill
09:28 – Outro

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