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Glens Falls Unified Bowling Foothills Council Champs

Foothills Council Tournament

Unified Bowling was added to the sports line-up for Glens Falls High School, and they captured the Foothills Council Championship. The Championship was held at Kingpin’s Alley in South Glens Falls. 10 schools participated in the tournament, and Glens Falls rolled a six-game series: 6,006 to edge out Hudson Falls’ 5,842 in second place, and Amsterdam’s 5,842 in third place. 

In bowling, each game has 10 frames, with a maximum possible overall score of 300. The Glens Falls Co-Ed Varsity team committed to three practices or matches a week for the season, which included five matches against area schools. Kingpin’s Alley Family Fun Center – which is the home bowling alley for the Glens Falls team – is owned by Doug and Alison Bohannon. They have owned the bowling alley since 2013, and the venue features birthday parties, group events, casual open bowling times, and competitive league play.