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Local Residents Warned of Election Staff Impostors

Incidents of home visits from apparent impersonators reported around NY State

Boards of Elections staff in Washington and Warren counties are warning residents about individuals impersonating election officials. These individuals confront voters and make accusations that they are illegally registered to vote.

Incidents have been reported this week in a number of locations around New York State, including Warren and Washington counties, in which individuals visited the homes of voters with paperwork to incorrectly claim they were illegally registered to vote.

In a local case, a woman – who had recently moved to Warren County was visited Sunday, August 27th, 2023 – was approached by individuals falsely claiming to be from Washington County Board of Elections, who told her she had illegally registered to vote in Warren County… In fact, her registration was legal, according to the Warren County Board of Elections.

The two women who visited the Warren County home carried identification cards. They presented the resident with a blank NY State Election Complaint Form, leaving the Warren County resident shaken.

Sheriff’s offices in Warren and Washington counties have been notified.

Residents should be aware that Board of Elections staff do not visit homes or voters in person.  All contact between Boards of Elections staff and voters is done in person at official Board of Elections offices, or via telephone, email, or the U.S. Postal Service.

Anyone who is visited by someone questioning their voter registration should look at any identification they offer, but not interact any further with the visitor… It would be very helpful to have descriptions and license plate numbers of the people involved if possible before contacting local law enforcement. Board of Elections staff should also be notified.

In Warren County, Board of Elections staff can be reached at (518) 761-6458.

In Washington County, Board of Elections staff can be reached at (518) 746-2180.