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‘New things excite us’: 1-800-Paint-Job offering flooring services

QUEENSBURY — 1-800-Paint-Job has been serving the local community as painting contractors for 33 years. But the company has recently begun offering a new service: flooring.

Mike McGrath, the company’s sales and project manager, said they have been “finding trends” in recent years, naming kitchen cabinets as another example. He said flooring is a great fit for the company.

“We kept getting asked, ‘Do you provide flooring?’ ‘Do you know guys that do flooring?” McGrath said during an appearance with Mike Nelson of Glens Falls Today’s ‘Chatting With’ series. “It was a great fit for us, and it’s super exciting to come up with new colors and things like that.”

McGrath referred to the company as somewhat of a one-stop shop, saying they can deal with counters, cabinets, floors, and more.

“We give a couple choices. We can provide new cabinet doors,” said McGrath. “We can put new doors on, we upgrade their hardware to soft-close hinges, drawer slides, that kind of thing. We call it pimping out your kitchen. You take an existing layout that works, there’s no reason to change it, and we can add new counters, we can get them new cabinet doors, refinished and all that.”

As far as flooring goes, McGrath’s company currently offers 12 different colors, saying, “We love the process of creating the colors.”

“Coming up with the colors, it’s a lot of fun,” McGrath said. “It’s a great process.”

The wood is sourced locally from the Northeast, McGrath said, and they offer shipping nationwide.

“We can come up with whatever color they want. If they’re trying to match something, we’ll do our best,” said McGrath. “They can pick it up here if they’re local, you can save about a dollar per square foot that way.”

He said prices typically run about $8-9 per square foot. The company can turn around local orders at a quick rate, McGrath said.

“We have to do that calculation for them, to figure out how much they need. If they have a 200-square foot space that they actually measured, they probably need 220 (square feet),” McGrath said. “The more they get, we can give a little of a break, especially if they pick it up. We’re happy to work with people, we want to get this down. We really love seeing it on people’s floors.”

McGrath said the best point of the contact for the company is through their new Facebook page, ‘Wide Plank Floors USA.’ He noted that there has been “a ton of interest” already.

“We did hire some new staff to take care of the orders coming in and stuff like that, so we should be well-prepared to really crush this thing,” he said. “As an entrepreneur, new things excite us. Especially when it’s in the wheelhouse of what we do already.”