Property Transactions: November 14 – November 20, 2022


Timothy & Donna Hopkins sold property at 4831 County Route 48 to Hamm Farm LLC for $145,000.

George & Krystle Knapp sold property at 686 West Valley Rd to Hillary C. Potter for $349,900.


William M. Banzhaf sold property at 917 Turnpike Rd to Mary Jane Matthews for $399,000.


Nicholas & Deborah Buttino sold property at 6382 State Route 9 to Looks By Lindsey + Co. Hair Studio, LLC for $144,000.


James & Judith Patterson sold property at 272 McGowan Rd to Kaela Fox & Rodney J. Fox, Jr. for $310,000.

Margaret Gordon sold property at 45 Grove Rd to Leslie L. Seeley for $305,000.


Raymond Tidball & Katherine Greene sold property at 26 Blackhouse Rd to Nicole Marie Middleton for $100,000.

John Pagano sold property at 536 Lower Oak St to Melissa Cannon & Brandon Van Driel for $150,520.


Michelle Gocio sold property at 37 Coolidge Ave to Robert & Sarah Bourgeois for $365,000.


Keith & Rachel Seebode sold property at 52 Pine St to Jeffrey & Corinne Brownell for $220,000.

Carol A. Harbeson sold property at 20 Kamarack Way to Joshua Wilson & Danielle Wilder for $370,000.


Sophie M. Polchowski sold property at 2624 State Route 40 to 2624 State Route 40 LLC for $400,000.

Antoinette I. Bentley sold property at 213 Fiddlers Elbow Rd to Todd Roberts for $649,900.


Nathaniel & Olivia Rogers sold property at 8360 State Route 40 to Joshua Fisher & Emily Tromblee for $225,000.


Aaron J. Baker sold property at 706 Hayesburg Rd to Robin Ritnour & Arthur Beal for $380,000.


Jason & Michelle Moore sold property at 3578 Voerman Way to Brian Cook for $225,000.

Geraldine Jeffrey sold property at 678 County Route 61 to Daniel & Amy Shaver for $550,000.


Garry, David, and Gina Wolfe sold property at 2928 State Route 8 to Matthew & Genevieve Cooper for $57,000.


Lewis & Judith Ross sold property at 3955 State Route 4 to Leah J. Alchesky for $401,000.

Harold Thompson sold property at 24 Quarry Circle Way to Todd A. Distasio for $242,800.

Gary Austin sold property at 11 Cherry Tree Lane to Ronald J. Young for $26,000.


Michael & Kathleen Galvin sold property at 5 Cedar Ln to Robert & Margaret Keith for $975,000.


Peter R. Khan sold property at 1279 Pilot Knob Rd to Joseph Romeo for $2,800,000.

Nejah & Angelleat Vickers sold property at 8 Buena Vista Ave to Ashley & Ryan Wilson for $260,000.


Michael & Laura Zangel sold property at 537 Steele Rd to Eric Meeker & Jessica Green for $70,000.

Mortimer & Mary Keane sold property at 793 County Route 64 to Jonathan Earthrowl for $210,000.


Amy Baker sold property at 944 High St to Lawrence & Nicole Calore for $640,000.


Dean & Darla Darling sold property at 904 Ash Grove Rd to Daniel Jackson for $295,863.

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