Property Transactions: November 21 – November 27, 2022


Kaela Fox & Rodney J. Fox, Jr. sold property at 41 Miller Rd to Elizabeth Hitt & Michele Walsh for $240,000.


Richard S. Hiatt sold property at 211 County Route 11 to Ellen H. Hiatt McKee for $37,500.


Ian & Jennifer Liebmann sold property at 570 & 574 West Rd to Daniel & Cristina Hanchett for $200,000.

Richard G. Rosetti sold property at 1283 Pilot Knob Rd to Fowler Square LLC for $750,000.

Gerard P. Nudi sold property at 3143 Oakley Way to Michael & Leslie Miles for $2,519,000.


Tyler M. Briggs sold property at 92 East St to Gloria Fitzgerald for $74,000.

Stephanie A. Stokoe sold property at 17 Frank St to Loralie B. Dingman for $150,000.

Wendy Wall sold property at 13 Olive St to Christopher Sass for $47,600.

Brian Godfrey sold property at 10 Edward St to Anthony Mango III, Tammy Mango, Tara Goodspeed for $15,100.

Brian Bearor sold property at 7 West Summit St to Caroline Bearor for $125,000.


Kevin R. Glasier sold property at 167 County Route 25 to Curtis L. Arquette for $165,500.

Edith Riker & Stanley E. Riker, Jr. sold property at 81 Whitney Estates Ln to Bobbi & Luis Frias for $355,000.


Chrisopher D. Kuzmich sold property at 444 Ryan Rd to Kevin & Mary Tully for $220,000.


Lance Lewis & Debra Buckley sold property at 71 Halls Pond Rd to Dylan Baumann & Daniel Hausfelder for $191,500.


Michael Swan sold property at 342 Horicon Ave to Daniel & Kerry Babson for $75,000.


Matthew Colvin sold property at 9 White Birch Ln to Christopher Gauthier & Ashley Parker for $172,000.


Terry & Denise Barnes sold property at 1625 State Route 196 to Theodore Garrison for $200,000.

Jeffrey R. Smith sold property at 4 Lincoln St to Tyler & Alyssa Davis for $269,900.

Joann E. Hayes sold property at 4 North St to Edward DePalo for $83,740.

Michael A. Leininger sold property at 16-18 Mosher Hill to James Oaster for $159,900.

D-Family Properties LLC sold property at 5 Union St to Zachary Graves for $195,000.

Michael Vaughn sold property at 93 John St to Christopher Sass for $51,000.


Beth Faller sold property at 21 Maple Dr to Alfredo Avalos & Lorena Guzman-Molina for $300,000.


Carl & Stephanie Healy sold property at 1004 Old County Ln to Dajedy Enterprises LLC for $22,400.

Rita Wadsworth & Craig Linendoll sold property at 43 Smith Rd to Deborah Fraioli & Lawrence B. Fraioli, Jr. for $30,000.


Russell Cheney sold property at 885 Zaltz Rd to David A. Edwards for $146,900.


4 Real Properties LLC sold property at 5 Kirkland St to Alidia Hoard for $173,840.

Champlain Stone Ltd sold property at 8961 State Route 4 to Braen Stone of Whitehall LLC for $250,000.

Tarah L. Hubbard sold property at 779 County Route 18 to Dennis J. Mack for $207,500.

Marcia Touchette sold property at 18 Gilmore St to Ryan & Ashley Bakemeier for $27,600.

Dale & Constance Lipka sold property at 2715 County Route 12 to Green Mountain Investors LLC for $20,100.

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