Property Transactions: November 7 – November 13, 2022


Richard E. Fleming, Jr. sold property at 249 County Route 45 to W&P Roberts Family Holdings LLC for $85,000.


Matthew & Samantha Wells sold property at 261 North Bolton Rd to Charlotte Rentals, LLC for $850,000.


Virginia N. Sherbrooke sold property at 2220 County Route 113 to Oesh LLC for $475,000.


Patrick M. Traver sold property at 1524 County Route 17 to Peter J. Pytka III for $234,900.

Kevin & Kerry Finley sold property at 497 Hadlock Pond Rd to Carlos & Kathleen Zambrano for $500,000.


REO Home Services, LLC sold property at 23 Fourth St to Resurrection Properties, Inc. for $88,000.

Jason R. Henderson sold property at 149-151 Ridge St to Robin J. Demattos & Anthony J. Demattos, Jr. for $310,000.

Heidi Lord sold property at 10 Grand St to Stephanie Tatro for $102,000.

Cody E. Davis sold property at 47 Grove Ave to Alexandra & Paul Vlismas for $250,000.


Thomas & Irene Brewer sold property at 46 ½ Church St to Joanne M. Brassard for $70,500.


Denise L. Rifenburg sold property at 8 Brant Lake Creek Rd to Kevin Knecht & Diana Rossi for $83,500.


Frederick Whipple, William Devitt, Harold Granger, and Donald Maxam sold property at 138 Garnet Lake Rd to Richard Connor for $150,000.

Francis & Brenda Bernard sold property at 3 Summit Ridge to Brian & Jodie Cohen for $266,000.


Jason & Jessica Blair sold property at 240 Main St to Christine Dorvee for $242,250.


Blake Jones & Joseph Porter sold property at 103 McCormack Dr to Mack A. Jones for $206,000.


Nancy E. Justus & Amy Justus Dimuccio sold property at 245 States Rd to Joseph & Danielle Burke for $246,000.


Aubrey & Sarah Hopkins sold property at 7 High Pines Terrace to Matthew Kasson for $87,500.

Sarah Beadnell Baxter & Spencer C. Baxter sold property at 44 James St to Kylia Goodner for $219,000.

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