Property Transactions: October 10 – October 16, 2022


Shane M. Meaney sold property at 631 Pleasant Valley Rd to Peter Fiorita for $176,500.


Robert & Jill Fellema sold property at 72 Woodland Ridge Rd to Romy Grgas and Eugen Maric for $929,000.


Virginia A. Mickel sold property at 103 County Route 46 to Mickensie Wescott & Paul W. Porter, Jr. for $30,000.

Gene & Theresa Lum sold property at 64-66 Mechanic St to Mary Pope for $147,000.

Real & Edith Mackenzie sold property at 96 County Route 42 to Jamil & Jalil Faiz for $40,000.


Thomas Collette sold property at 12-14 Elm St to LB II Enterprises, LLC for $145,000.

Warren F. Sullivan, Jr. sold property at 204 Middleton Rd to Timothy L. Duggan for $125,000.


Daniel & Katrina Ireland sold property at 184 Ray Rd to Jennifer Patten McLean & Sydney E. McLean for $48,000.

Candace & Randall Collins sold property at 173 Main St to Jessica L. Jiguere Moore for $196,600.


Barry Knapp & Jacqueline Lamoureux sold property at 8880 State Route 40 to Dylan Jurnak-Lefflear, Tamara Hyatt, and Ashley Armstrong for $247,200.

Mark Courville & Andrew McIntosh sold property at 83 Camp A Way to Bradley Cuva & Timothy Passer for $70,000.


Wayne E. Denis sold property at 16 Piccininni Ln to Robert B. Morris for $67,507.

Marion L. Wadsworth sold property at 6018 State Route 22 to Michael James Barber, Jr. for $227,900.


Tara Hill Properties, LLC sold property at 564 Hayesburg Rd to Jason Merlow for $60,000.

Thomas & Rose Weber sold property at 366 East Shore Dr to Brian & Rena Zeppetelli for $541,500.

Gail & Gary Frenz sold property at 285 Palisades Rd to Peter & Elizabeth Genecco for $1,250,000.


Megan Wood sold property at 9 Content Farm Rd to Franciszek Gryglak for $45,000.


Thomas & Tammy Dannemann sold property at 642 South Johnsburg Rd to Brent J. Pavlick for $395,000.


Peggy A. Legault sold property at 353 County Route 41 to Jeremy & Nichole Hall for $215,000.

Robert Bigelow sold property at 3875 State Route 4 to Joshua Sweet & Daelynn Knowlton for $146,000.

Laurent & Michele Iadeluca sold property at 34 Boulevard to Danielle Baldwin & Darron Moore for $315,000.


Gertrude W. Van Name sold property at 16 Hidden Valley Rd to Wayne T. Beale & Debra R. Audette for $660,000.


Melissa Bramlage sold property at 5 Lynnfield Dr to Krista Millington for $322,500.

Samuel B. Tingley, Jr. sold property at 74 Old Mill Ln to Gheorghe & Anca Besa for $117,500.

Andrew L. Pensel sold property at 988 Ridge Rd to Kyle J. Hubbell for $150,000.


Mad Mat Farms, LLC sold property at 1739 Upper Turnpike Rd to Brooke Paddock for $22,074.

Dennis & Carol Maher sold property at 92 South Williams St to Jeremy Arnold & Shannah Kyhill for $252,000.

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