Property Transactions: October 24 – October 30, 2022


Leslie Seeley sold property at 175 Miller Rd to Brandon De Wren & Caitlyn Bearor for $265,000.

Andrew R. Nevins sold property at 4011 State Route 40 to Camille Grec & Renata Grec Gilman for $259,000.


Frank & Danielle Osborn sold property at 6 Juniper Hill Dr, Building B to Bolthouse, LLC for $575,500.

Jeffrey & Lorraine Seigel sold property at 76 Coolidge Hill Rd to Peter & Julie Rossi for $525,100.

James & Sally Pepper sold property at 66 Horicon Ave to Belvedere Lake George, LLC for $762,500.


Kelly A. Defrancesco sold property at 13 Rogers Ln Ext to Danielle Record for $225,000.

Kristin L. Nolan-Parker sold property at 41 Academy St to Monica L. Clark for $145,750.

Christopher & Lauren Davidsen sold property at 461 King Rd to Harvey & Lizzie Gingerich for $108,000.

Tonya Brenner & Tori Lococo sold property at 32 Durfee Rd to Brian Christopher Sullivan for $225,000.

786 AZS Realty Inc. sold property at 1073 Vly Summit Rd to Daniel & Brittany Scarpulla for $172,000.


Bridgette Roos sold property at 5810 State Route 8 to Cooper Management Associates, LLC for $220,000.

Michael & Erica DeLuca sold property at 617 Rock Ave Ext to Cheryl Lauhon & Raymond Neumann for $105,000.

Joseph & Christine Fills sold property at 814 Friends Lake Rd to Christine E. Dewar for $192,200.


Clifford Goss & Denise Flewelling sold property at 155 Burquist Rd to Tasha Jean Briggs for $350,000.

William S. Hohmann sold property at 1110 Copeland Pond Rd to Philip Hume & Shannon Hart for $275,000.

Carl & Stefka Sotanski sold property at 23 Maple Ridge Way to Alexander R. Stehle for $300,000.


Heather M. Munyon sold property at 21 Orsola Ave to Kylie Neider, Brenda Carr, and John L. Carr, Jr. for $150,000.

Adam Devoe sold property at 188 Broadway to Edith & Paul Moloney for $167,000.

Kevin, Judith, and Janice Donovan sold property at 591 Lower Oak St to Andrew C. Donovan for $97,000.

Timothy Krywy sold property at 30 Broadway to Dylan & Ruth Petersen-Taylor for $82,000.

Mark Barrett & Sarah Layton sold property at 49 Burgoyne Ave to Bannon L. Corbett for $160,000.

Michael P. Leombruno sold property at 15 Putnam Ave to Equinox Properties LLC for $91,000.


Valerie J. Hamilton sold property at 54 Mason St to Roger F. Levac for $157,000.


Dwayne Daigle & Paul Labas sold property at 73 Slate Valley Dr to Verrie & Bethany Pearce for $249,900.


Jane Coyle sold property at 8 Tracy Dr to Karen & Christopher Andrews for $15,000.

Cheryl Fragale & Lisa Allard sold property at 3634 State Route 29 to Christopher Johnson for $50,000.


James Patrick Burt, Sr. sold property at 55 Red Fox Ln to Russell & Wendy Walters for $2,300,000.


Holly Pettiford & Maggie Fahlmann sold property at 45 Hartford Main St to John Aguda for $183,000.

Loren & Sharon Carpenter sold property at 1391 Gilchrist Hill Rd to Jeffrey & Marybeth Twitchell for $262,000.


Katahdin LLC sold property at 253 Middle Rd to Peen and Claw LLC for $318,500.

Joshua Welch sold property at 933 Chamberlin Mills Rd to John & Destinie Morris for $230,000.

Joseph & Geraldine Patton sold property at 458 Pine Hill Rd to Michele Baker for $74,900.


Hiram & Kara Pritchard sold property at 1B Cardinal Court to Lawrence & Shari Schillinger for $550,000.

Raymond Cottages, LLC sold property at 655 Palisades Rd to Preston Don Graham, Jr. for $225,000.

Cory Manitta & Joseph Manitta, Jr. sold property at 17 Duell Hill Rd to Michael & Thomas Turcotte for $90,000.


Elizabeth Yager sold property at 20 Hedges Rd to Timothy & Suzanne Hunsicker for $191,000.

John E. Nelson & Dale A. Bates sold property at 2562 State Route 22 to John M. Nelson for $140,125.


Debbie White & Frank W. White IV sold property at 34 Derby St to James Edward Dunham for $40,000.

Scott & Kirk Suckman sold property at 3452 Burgoyne Ave to Michael & Alice Parker for $99,500.

William & Stacy Camp sold property at 1791 State Route 196 to William McFarren for $125,000.

Dominic & Michael Caivano sold property at 68 River St to Donald H. Black, Jr. for $183,000.

Dominic & Michael Caivano sold property at 256-258 Main St to Donald H. Black, Jr. for $117,000.

Raymond & Theodora Alger sold property at 1007 Dix Ave to Sandra Myers for $184,370.


Jeffrey Bennett sold property at 10 Pine Ln to Matthew & Jaclyn Rothschild for $60,000.


Anthony & Carol Ricciardelli sold property at 43 Elizabeth Ln to Michael Brian Gillingham for $175,000.

Thomas J. Malone sold property at 36 Queen Mary Dr to J. Hayes Properties, LLC for $159,900.


Forrest E. Cook sold property at 162 Black Creek Rd to Michael & Marie Moller for $237,000.

Alice Whealey sold property at 4039 State Route 22 to AVSBCC LLC for $19,900.


The Nature Conservancy sold property at 48 Ward Ln to Robert & Kathleen Loughman for $125,000.

Dawn L. Grenier sold property at 139 County Route 9A to Jason Blais for $22,500.

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