Property Transactions: October 3 – October 9, 2022


Brian & Moriah Mathis sold property at 76 Main St to Michael York Family Trust, LLC for $150,000.

Joseph A. Watts sold property at 2264 Coach Rd to James & Felicia Finn for $289,900.


Nathan Cargin sold property at 242 Broadway to Claire E. Reynolds-Peterson for $175,000.

Christine Miles & Thomas LaSarso sold property at 57 Mechanic St to Thomas E. Harrington, Jr. for $185,000.

Mario & Antonia Toscano sold property at 20 Blackhouse Rd to Patrick Monahan for $60,000.

Joseph R. Carroll sold property at 88 East St to Robert K. Nash for $183,500.

Jose & Kathryn Corso sold property at 263 Broadway to Shannon Dayton & John C. Dayton, Jr. for $235,000.


Joseph S. DePalo sold property at 15 Douglas Ave to Sharon H. Steadman for $165,500.

Jill A. Stefanik sold property at 277 Warren St to Colin Cunningham & Patrick Cunningham, Jr. for $175,000.

Gina Mammone sold property at 40 Arbor Dr to Zi Wang & Jie Wei for $344,000.


Colin & Ashleigh Brown sold property at 24 Waites Ln to Abigail P. Balmer for $275,000.


John Shaw sold property at 15 Feeder St to 264 Bradford Street, LLC for $220,000.

Ernie & Cherise Armfield sold property at 267 Main St to Mark D. Peabody for $140,000.


Stephen & Jorgina Puricelli sold property at 209 Ottawa St to Sanchal, Samar, and Lisa Roy for $299,000.


Roger F. Levac sold property at 737 West Mountain Rd to Vista Property Holdings, LLC for $400,000.

Arthur R. Troisi II sold property at 31 Quincy Ln to Thomas & Peter Vonn for $619,900.

Donald J. Daniels sold property at 1161 State Route 9 to Lisa Kane, Delores Kane, Charles Kane III for $350,000.


Earleen & Earl Douglas sold property at 185 Eagleville Rd to Lee L. Foster for $64,900.

Phillip Moffitt sold property at 774 County Route 64 to Tauno K. Wirkki for $115,000.


Faith Grasso sold property at 7 River St to Glenda & Kent Duell for $17,500.

Cindy Johnston sold property at 2 Smith St to Keely O’Connor for $283,505.


Cynthia Amidon sold property at 221 Bussys Way to Michael J. Brillon, Jr. for $78,955.


Kaylie Lavedure sold property at 156 N Williams St to Errol & Tara Smith for $20,000.

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