Property Transactions: October 31 – November 6, 2022


Stacy L. Dewey sold property at 696 Coot Hill Rd to Patrick T. Graham for $24,000.

Pamela Sullivan sold property at 103 Coon Rd to Andrew Johnson for $226,500.

Fred Hover, Jr. sold property at 4216 County Route 48 to Neal Kober & Renee Montero Kober for $20,000.

Elwaine Guilder sold property at 569 East Lake Rd to Jacob & Jenna Ellsworth for $240,000.

Scott & Kailynn Hammond sold property at 141 Street Rd to Tracy C. Palmateer for $383,000.


Thomas W. Pellegrino sold property at 93 Brownell Rd to Timothy J. Post for $246,000.

David & Kim Raylinsky sold property at 629 King Rd to James & Christine Byrne for $375,000.


Peter Lehmann, Jr. sold property at 28 West Rd to Joni Lanza for $315,000.


Carol A Vankirk sold property at 5521 Grove Way to Michael Kramer for $75,000.

Scott Priest sold property at 72 Carroll Ln to Kaitlyn McDougall & John A. McDougall, Jr. for $290,000.

Craig & Jay Gravina sold property at 3145 Oakley Way to Switchco LLC for $2,946,000.


Toni Bennett sold property at 36 Henderson Way to Logan Rippel & Katelyn Parkis for $269,000.

Gardner Family Estates LLC sold property at 9 Seminary St to Paul Cleveland for $91,000.

Tyler & Alyssa Davis sold property at 8 Bascom Dr to Michele Muller for $224,900.


Richard & Sharon Valek sold property at 16 South Maple St to Richard & Stephanie Derusha for $87,000.

Donald John Lane sold property at 2 Donahue Way to John Thomas III for $15,000.

Mary Lennox Tooley sold property at 90 E Main St to Randy & Teresa Ameden for $159,900.

Joshua Wilson sold property at 23 Elm St to Tyler M. Briggs for $155,000.

Mark D. Jurnak sold property at 1257 County Route 24 to Anthony Arbuckle & Andrea Williams for $87,550.


Sandra L. Bain sold property at 106 Riddle Rd to Jon & Jacqueline Farbman for $335,000.

Michael & Alecia Murphy sold property at 7 Pine View Dr to Alexander Artale & Alana Nicoletta for $355,000.

TTRC Inc. sold property at 21 Van Ness Ave to Sydney Curran & Brandon Morrison for $169,000.


Burr & Mark Lechevet sold property at 629 North Grimes Hill Rd to Sleepy Pig Farm Animal Sanctuary Inc. for $199,999.


Herbert D. Hall sold property at 2029 State Route 22 to Frederick T. Volino for $148,400.


Showcase C & E, LLC. sold property at 2767 State Route 28 to Michael & Jennifer Shaver for $69,900.

John Rocchi sold property at 22 Summit Ridge to Martin Russo for $299,900.


Rock City Equine LLC sold property at 249 Rock City Rd to Peanuts Equine Ranch LLC for $650,000.

Frank Woodcock, Jr. sold property at 30 East LaClaire St to James Dunham & Chelsea Jean Radtke for $135,000.

Catherine Belnap sold property at 3 Melony Ln to Vicky L. Rossi for $243,617.

James M. Chase, Sr. sold property at 3725 Burgoyne Ave to Daniel & Beth Hajeck for $125,000.


George J. Horwath sold property at 5 Pine Grove Ave to John & Dorothy Fernandes for $135,000.


Christopher G. Newton sold property at 5575 State Route 22 to Robert K. Perry for $155,000.


Maria C. Barthold sold property at 21 Broad St to Ian C. O’Neill & Michaela Jebb for $265,863.


Arnold & Theresa Davis sold property at 86 West St to Lucretia Ingerson for $79,900.

Francis & Cheryl Putorti sold property at 155 and 157 Broadway to Hiramani 155-157 LLC for $400,000.

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