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The City of Glens Falls Expands Communications

The City of Glens Falls is continuing to focus on expanding its communications and outreach, and is taking steps to expand beyond the scope of the ‘traditional’ press release: “Over the years, the City of Glens Falls hasn’t done a good job communicating what’s going on… We’ve significantly ramped up our communications through traditional channels.  Now, we’re going to be able to directly communicate with the residents of Glens Falls and those who have an interest in coming to Glens Falls” said Mayor Bill Collins.   

The city started a City of Glens Falls NY YouTube page during the COVID-19 pandemic; this step was taken to ensure public meetings were conducted in an open forum. The communication efforts of the city will now be expanded – due to the work of the Communications Director, Tim Drawbridge – by relaunching their social media presence with the following pages: 

Facebook: Glens Falls, New York – City  

Twitter: @cityofGF

LinkedIN: City of Glens Falls

Instagram: cityofglensfallsny

YouTube: City of Glens Falls NY

“We certainly know the pitfalls of social media. But we are focused on making these accounts a positive interactive experience. We want to utilize social media in many ways: 

  • when one of our fantastic events is taking place downtown. 
  • when there is a road closure, whether it’s because of road work, etc. 
  • to provide dates and specific information to the residents of Glens Falls pertaining to the Fall / Spring pick-ups. 
  • to notify the residents and businesses of Glens Falls about public meetings. 
  • advertising employment opportunities with the City of Glens Falls.

And this only scratches the surface of what we want to do for the residents of Glens Falls moving into the 21st century” noted Mayor Collins.

For more information regarding this or any other issue, please reach out to the Communications Director, Tim Drawbridge, via e-mail at communicationsdirector@cityofglensfalls.com, or tdrawbridge@cityofglensfalls.com.  If your issue is urgent or if you’re looking to speak with Mayor Collins regarding a formal comment, please reach out to Tim Drawbridge via cell phone at (518) 920-4884.