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Warren County Police Blotter May 8th-May 13th

May 8th

Sarah Marie Allen: DOB 11/24/92 was arrested for 3rd degree burglary: Illegal entry with intent to commit crime of Petit Larceny 

Susan Jane Allen: DOB 12/26/58 was arrested for Petit Larceny 

Karley Jean Hopper: DOB 6/12/77 was arrested for possession of controlled substance

May 9th

Deborah Sue Goodspeed-Moses: DOB 03/21/65 was arrested for use of drug paraphernalia-2nd 

May 10th

Angela Maria Bullard: DOB 02/03/81 was arrested for criminal possession of a controlled substance/narcotic criminal possession with intent to sell, criminal use of drug paraphernalia-2nd

Joseph Rene Savani: DOB 11/04/63 was arrested for criminal possession of a controlled substance 

Sadrac D. Chery: DOB 12/07/97 was arrested for harassment- 2nd-physical contact 

May 12th

Amanda Elizabeth Emery: DOB 02/02/90 was arrested for driving while intoxicated- 1st offense, operating a motor vehicle with .08 of 1% or more alcohol in blood-1st offense & resisting arrest 

Brandon Colby Gilpin:DOB 12/01/88 was arrested for assault 3rd degree: recklessly causing physical injury criminal obstruction of breathing or blood circulation 

May 13th

Malcolm Ernest Wolfe: DOB 06/08/96 was arrested for petty larceny 

Steven Joseph Zahaba: DOB 11/24/88 was arrested for criminal possession of a controlled substance  

Jason Adrian Johnson: DOB 02/16/97 was arrested for acting in the manner of injuring a child less than 17 criminal misdemeanor intent of damaging property